myLawyer - A new app for lawyers has been launched

myLawyer is a service designed by lawyers for lawyers that makes it easy to collaborate and connect with colleagues and clients.

It is a plug and play solution that will revolutionise the way that lawyers practice. The app is designed to work on all mobiles. The iOS version and  the Android version have just been  released in the Singapore App Store and Google’s Play Store. A web app for use in all other devices will also be released this month.

There are three versions of the app available. 

The free version will have three important functions:  


  • First, each lawyer who downloads the app will join our global network of lawyers. This network will create significant value to its members. The legal network’s potential will be limited only by the lawyer’s imagination.


  • Second, the lawyer will be able to organise her entire practice on her mobile. All communications are encrypted in transit and at rest. There is no advertising or spam.


  • Finally, the app is designed to aggregate all LegalTech apps so the lawyer can access her other apps seamlessly.


The standard version of the app will include unlimited cloud storage for $5 per month. By adding this functionality the lawyer's office will become paperless. She will be able to work anywhere without lugging a massive file. All she will need is her mobile.

The premium version of the app is available for 75-100 SGD per month.   For this additional sum we provide the lawyer with new client leads daily.  We have been doing this in the UK for five years and in Singapore since 2017.

The app is integrated with LawNet, a website created by the Singapore Academy of Law. LawNet is Singapore’s leading portal for legal research, information and transactions. It has been an indispensable tool for the legal community since 1990. LawNet is subscribed by a majority of Singapore lawyers and is also accessible by anyone outside the profession. Users of LawNet will be able to access the app with the same credentials that they use to login into their LawNet account.

You can access the app through our website or through the Apple Store: and Google Play Store:

For further information please contact us at: