How to build your profile

The most important task of getting found by clients and colleagues

One of the most important tasks to complete when you join myLawyer is to build a complete profile. Your profile is how others will see you in the myLawyer Network and is full of keywords that will allow users to find you. So, it is important to carefully put all the information that will give others a complete image of who you are and exactly what you specialize in.

You will be asked to complete your profile when you join, but you may have not completed it then, or you want to go back and add more details or edit it.

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Steps to update your profile

In the home screen, click on the menu button (three bars) at top left


In the menu click my profile


You will see this

Add your image

At the top left click on the little camera icon to change your profile photo. You can use one you have already saved or take a new one

Track completion

At top right you can see how complete your profile is. Remember a complete profile helps others find you and helps them better understand who you are as a professional.

Below you can add the following information

Promote your work

  • Name: Your name is already filled in but you can correct it if needed

  • Specialisms: The list of specialisms or areas of the law that you work on. You can add or remove specialisms as needed

  • Locations I work in: The locations that you are willing to accept work from

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