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Your legal practice in an app: myLawyer
Key Features
Global Network

myLawyer’s principal objective is to create a Global Network of lawyers free of advertising and spam. The Global Network will enable you to secure new instructions & new clients more efficiently at no extra charge. The Global Network will enable your boutique firm to create a Virtual Network of other boutique firms throughout the world. The Global Network will enable you to refer matters to remote locales efficiently and effectively. The Global Network will enable you to create a Virtual Law firm without cost. The Global network will allow you to create a Virtual Bar Association without cost. The only limitation to what you can create with the Global Network is your imagination.

Receive New Clients

myLawyer’s Business app will expand your practice. myLawyer will provide new clients to you which you would otherwise miss. myLawyer will help you get ahead of the competition


As lawyers, we rely on good communication and reliable information. myLawyer can help you connect and collaborate with your colleagues. myLawyer’s services are designed specifically to help lawyers handle their matters more effectively from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. All data in myLawyer is encrypted both in transit and at rest. All data in myLawyer is owned by the lawyer who has created the data and is maintained in servers in the lawyers’ country.


Privacy and security are critical to a successful legal practice. myLawyer has taken special measures to keep your data secure and private. The myLawyer app employees the highest level of encryption for your saved documents and during transit as you message your colleagues and clients with encryption keys that are different per user and per discussion. Only you and the people you invite to your discussions can access your data.


The messageBoard is a new function of the myLawyer app. The messageBoard allows lawyers to post and read messages in various categories for no charge:

  • News - Legal news
  • Events - Legal events
  • Seminars - Legal seminars
  • Recruiting - lawyers, secretaries, and paralegals
  • Students – Clerkships and internships
  • Bar Associations - Posts by bar associations
  • Other Bar Organizations - Posts by other legal organizations

Creating a post in any of these categories is free. Each time a post is created the creater will be able to enter text, a photo, as well as a link that directs the reader to additional information.  Each post can also be linked to a public discussion on the app. Finally, a registered user  can also subscribe to the categories that are of interest.

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Share your documents

Document sharing is an important part of managing your work.  Watch some background information on this functionality.

Receive new clients

Leverage the myLawyer marketing capability and sign up to present yourself on our website where potential clients can find you.